Saturday, November 26, 2011

I haven't posted in a long time...

It's nearing end of the year, I just finished nails but fashion design is going craaazy, and we still have more assignments to get with 2 weeks to go TT at least I won't be in class all week~

Anyway, I'm REALLY proud of my assessment nails..the girl said she gets lots of comments and I've had people ask me to do their nails too, but I don't have a gel set at home TT UGH

She's since had them shortened and I'm surprised they still look awesome!

Isn't she beautiful? =u= heee~

This is the art that I had myself the last few days, first time in a while. Since I had computer work to do I did my nails at the same time kekeke

They were based on this art from Nail!Up 1111:

I just took it all off and soaked my cuticles with Nurture Oil. LOVE this stuff, and it smells delicious

So short =__=

I wonder how I'll paint my nails next...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

These nails are from a while ago, I just got SWAMPED with work from nails + fashion design, I guess now that assessments are nearing i'm feeling the weight of doing 2 courses at once..

I did gel nails on my mum, they're so shiny <3 So I thought showing some bare nail would make a nice mani, and mum has fallen in love with burgundy on nails, she's demanded the same colour for every mani since then =u=

Aaaand, diamond! Put together a few manis I saw on mynailist and WAH and got this. I got many compliments <3

But now, I cracked 2 of my nails down the middle at school on the sewing machine sdfbhsdkfbsk. They, so short. I cried.

Monday, October 17, 2011

One handed typing!!

I have vodka on some fingers...keke

anyway...acryl sculp on 2 fingers for try, and some disco nail inspired art:

original nails:

so anyway, til next time~~

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So, I tried the watercolour nail art...

I find it quite difficult to get the right took me many tries to get this far @_@

I added some splatters so it wouldn't look as empty...

and it isn't very clear, but there's a gold glitter line around the whole nail, with a few random beads + stud

My fatty toes Dx

I just did the same design. 2 mins after painting topcoat I hit my toe, so there's a nice black line there, grr =__=

Anyway I think I will need lots more practice with this style ;;;

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I've been busy with nails lately..

But not my own ;;

My neighbours were going to a wedding, so the mother and 2 daughters came to get acrylics+nail art done @__@

Then, a family friend had a birthday party to go to and demanded a mani+pedi, massage and all...ARGH!!

To match a black dress with silver flowers and a pink satin sash.

And, to match a champagne colour dress and tan heels.

It's hard to see, but we stuck on a metal star on one of the glitter-ed fingers keke
This girl already had acrylics done, so I just filled in a snapped-off nail (!!!) and painted them.

I don't have photos of the rest.

But I'm itching to try watercolour effect art..hmm...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I decided to go on safari...

kekeke not really, maybe if I win a lotto TT'''

Well, leopard print is very simple. I haven't used mustard colour in a while, so I used that and 2 browns, kept it neutral...added all the gold leaf because I was bored =u=

Of course, over the weekend I have been sewing non-stop, so half my nails are already chipped, SO MUCH. zzz'''

Saturday, September 17, 2011

When I saw this design in September Nail!Up

I had to try it O__O I have no idea why, I thought I had seen the design on a nail site, I was searching for 2 hours...
finally I thought, maybe it was in the magazine??
I looked, and it was right there =__= ugh.

The bottom one shows the colour a bit better I think...
I only painted the design on the big toes, because fake toenails are sooo much longer than my natural ones =__=

Mm. I really like this design, but I think I would be crazy to do it again. It took a long time, with a little square brush, trying to make it perfect...
After a while I thought '**** it', that's why the black dots are all uneven =u='' heh

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eh...I'm already writing here again...

Well, I have assessment today and tomorrow, so, while I was pinning the material a lot of my nail polish got chipped...

at least I didn't go through my nail with the sewing machine needle .__.

It's only a simple manicure, I didn't want naked nails tomorrow.

I keep staring at my nails now...because of the matte topcoat it really looks like a night sky...

Now I want to buy even MORE glitter!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mm. I have new nails =)

There's a story behind them...

Yesterday I did a quick nudie colour, because I didn't want to go bare...

+ some stickers...

But today, I finally bought orange hair dye.

My hair used to be almost exactly like this...

The colour is now...

Completely faded out haha ;;;

So, I'm going to do the dip-dye myself, but, orange colour...

Just like that n_n ofc, ParkBom's is only extensions...on a side note, isn't CL's hair awesome?! I so wanna wear that to school one day, walk around the city like a DEVIL kekekeke xDDD

So, anyway, I gave my nails orange tips to match my (not yet dyed) hair =u=

The blue is a bit random, but I had to hide the indents from the was really visible on the ring fingers, that's why I added studs .__.

Aaand, closeups in different lights...

Mm. So that's my nails, I wonder how long they will last...

I have a client tomorrow, I hope it will last 24hrs so I can show off keke =u=

Monday, September 5, 2011

I scratched off all my nail polish on the train today =u= keke

Anyway, decided to try this out when I saw it a few days ago...

Kyary's awesome nails on the cover of Zipper!! And, that's an ad for monomania covers...



Although it isn't neat, and the black comes through the pink..

But I think it's not bad n__n

It'll be ok for a few days...


RAR!! kekeke did I scare you =u=

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After such a long time...

I did my nails again

Actually I did them about a week ago. But My friend put on a gel top coat that was so came off the next day =(

But I realised I still haven't tried jump rings!

I did this design a few days ago...

I liked it so much =u= so I decided to do it on my own nails...


They are shorter!! So, I had to change the design a little bit and not use studs..

Also I hate VNL, so I put a beige base with sheer pink over the top. I have 2 nails painted pink, though. Because I can.

Can you see the basecoat I used to stick on the rhinestones? It has a visible line on the feature nails =(

Anyway, I hope these last a long time!! At least until my next nail class..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today, I went into the city twice, to my school...both times, it turned out that I didn't even need to be there for longer than 15min.


Anyway, before my night class, I finally got around to trying out my INGLOT crackle.

I've been lurking round F Yeah nail art lately and seen a lot of the crackle x rainbow, eg:

This wasn't my best work by far, it only took me a half hour keke but I guess it came out alright for a first try =)

Why..does it look so stupid? Please click for the full image, this thumbnail looks distorted =/

And...close up...=u=

Haha the lines are so chunky because I used a dotting tool!! I couldn't even be bothered getting the fine brush out >>>la~zy~<<

mm. ('u ')a that's all~

Friday, July 8, 2011

I did my mum's and my nails the other day...

She really liked this khaki colour and the military design I did. I added a Polish medal too =u=

And..Minnie Mouse!!!

Yea, my feet are weird, but dang Minnie is approves. The ribbons are a black powder isn't the best, but at least my mum could tell that they were ribbons ;;;

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I had my nail tech holistics assessment a few days ago, so I did my nails up. I've been loving the stones in magazines lately, so I made my own

Here's a random close-up:

I even did my make-up to match, nudy gold and teal =u=

Thursday, June 9, 2011

NailArt Samples

When I get asked to decorate people's nails, my mind always goes blank =__= so, I did a few samples to take with me to class. These are my favourite 5 =)

Patchwork with roses. Wasn't sure to go with the dots or the stripes...

Military! It's a fashion trend right now, so I thought this might encourage people to give khaki polish another look...

I don't have the money to invest in airbrushing, but I tried spongeing a leopard print...not sure...if like or not...

I saw this random rhinestone idea in one of my mags...I even painted those stupid bullions bronze, but, it's hard to tell TT

I know, it's OTT, but it looked so pretty when I saw it on paper ;__; The rhinestones are very cheap, that's why they look weird like that /sigh.

Also there was a question where I get my studs from:

They're awesome, truly.