Tuesday, January 26, 2010


yeesh i have been mega busy with my enrollment for school and timetable for work, this is my last of holidays aaah TT i cant wait to be back for more nail fun at the moment my nails are so plain and boring, i havent even had time to look at all the recent posts lately !!
tomorrow i have to make time to do my nails, since i have an appointment, i'd like to make good impression ^_~

hope everyone's well!! xoxo

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i will soon be doing a contest..i want to change my blog name (is that even possible? =/) and give away some stuff!! it is hard finding a prize..i have narrowed it down a bit, i want to include things it may be hard to get..but anyway, just a heads up, because i am so excited about this!! i even got angry when i couldn't find a specific polish i wanted to give haha ^u^

on another note, i got accepted into my fashion design course!! YAY!! i am in for my first year heehee

okay a bit random post isn't this..

ugh i can't not include photos. so, here are a few scans from japanese nail magazine, click for full. they are tutorials, this is how i got into nailart first ^^

do not own these images, they are not mine! downloaded from jmagazinescans livejournal comm.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2-day haul + leopard print

i've no idea why, but that ^ photo doesn't want to move. welcome to my haul? =P
i just realised, i need more vampy colours...hehe
yesterday and today i went to a cheapy 'accessory' store, which i usually don't go to..i love me a bargain but, a lot of the time it isnt a nice range of things...BUT! i saw, they had a introductory offer of 20% off all BYS cosmetics...of course, i went straight to the nailpolish display ^^
the photo above is the 'glam glitters' collection minus gold. maybe later, i will buy it..
LR : silver moon sparkle ; kimky pink ; purple pizzazz ; out of the blue ; dazzling
actually i bought these because i saw them on JacieO from You've Got Nail ^^
some pastel action : bright light ; mint condition ; kung fu blue ; mauve-in on up
a striper brush and ..a..shorter brush xD i don't know the name of it. these both have a 20cm handles
i also bought a vivid blue liquid eyeliner (never again. so bad quality TT) and a eco-friendly bamboo eyeshadow blender brush~
natural light, and...

lamp light. excuse my chipped off nailpolish, i'm a scratcher >o<
these took me 2 days to do because i keep going off and doing different things xD anyone can recommend a good nail glue? =/
oh also you can click click on the photos, they become bigger for detail ^^

nail art for 'men'

don't get it wrong, i'm not doing a sex change!! =P

actually, my god-brother and i are very close, although, he is much younger. he let me paint his nails after seeing a leopard print i practiced on a fakie =P
i cleaned up his other nails and painted a design he liked from the internet, + blue leopard..
oh the leopard isn't very visible is it > <
then, he wanted some more so i had to change them a bit xD we put another 'sport' theme and 2 'pirate' theme

sorry for such blurry photo, we were hurrying! haha

also i changed my mani for one day xD because i bought this nail polish from mode, called 'arsonist', i couldn't resist!

it changes under different light a bit..also under natural light it becomes a very deep red with shimmer..it is hard to see but on thumb and ring finger, i drew a few colour glitter lines, which are visible in natural light..and the YSL gold plating..but, the plating fell off in my sleep xD
i feel i havent posted in so long! but i have been busy..i paint my nails, and go to the beach very often haha. because there is a beach near us, and we have a boat, so while it is hot weather and not so busy, we go as much as we can ^^ today, we saw many many...SEA HORSE!!
we quickly took a photo and let him go ^^ we also saw starfish and many dolphins near us~
ok i will post again soon actually i have some ideas i want to share /wink/~

Thursday, January 7, 2010


today..i got my 48 pack of 2way nail art pens *o* i hugged and kissed this package when i opened it!!
i somewhat arranged them based on colour xD

excuse the mess..the only 'bad' thing about this is that the brushes arent as thin as i am used to, and the neons are quite sheer. of course, thinner brushes i can easily buy, and as there are only 2 or 3 neons, i don't mind them being sheer ^^
oh, and only one purple!! can you believe this?! i think, i will be filling finished bottles with some purple haha..

i also recieved acrylic starter kit a while ago..

acrylic liquid, brush cleaner, white clear and pink powders, buffer + 4-way buffer, toe separator, forms, brush and bowl. phew~! i paid about 20$AU including shipping, and it came in a nice clear box..

my first try of acrylic =P i think, i need looots of practice TT also the 'lace' was painted on the underneath of the nail, i had this idea from a japanese magazine~ i think i will post some nice nails from japanese magazine soon, i don't see enough of these photos around =P


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

dark graveyard nail

because i have had light nailart lately, i wanted a dark 'rock' theme...but..it ends up looking like emo graveyard theme TT
i think, it could be better..especially thumbnail..

i also have matching pedi, skull on left toe and 'crown' of gold bullion + clear crystal on right toe ^^

Monday, January 4, 2010

pink make

today for the first time i used my pink eyemake..oooh it felt odd and so girly =P i am still getting better at applying the gel liner..i wore this with my new bag to a test i took for bonus qualification to get into my fashion design course..aah i was nervous!!

it looks a lot less sparkle in normal light, this was done with a flash~ need to practice make application a lot TT
and the bag...love at first sight! although i promise to not spend so much...but...this was 38$AU in second hand shop! i had to give it a new home...=3 it is originally rectangle shape, but the corners can be zipped up like i did in the photo <3


Saturday, January 2, 2010

INGLOT & macaroon blossoms

i finally went off and bought some more inglot ^^ i spent 88$ TT yeesh and i had a 70$ budget haha but i really need to buy more of their nail polish, i was with a boy friend and even he had a hard time choosing just one colour > <

my inglot collection minus polish..see the sparkles ^^ (there is many)

in natural light

todays haul! a rosy pink face blush, rosy pink eyeshadow trio, black matte gel eye liner, and thin liner brush. i had no pink eyeshadow/blush, i really needed it xD

and today finally new nails...just macaron colours, pink purple and blue, with colour sakura decals..

actually today i soaked my nails in warmed olive oil for 10 minutes. mum says it is good for weak nails...but i cannot take having such short nails!! i can't wait for my clear nail chips ah~