Sunday, January 10, 2010

nail art for 'men'

don't get it wrong, i'm not doing a sex change!! =P

actually, my god-brother and i are very close, although, he is much younger. he let me paint his nails after seeing a leopard print i practiced on a fakie =P
i cleaned up his other nails and painted a design he liked from the internet, + blue leopard..
oh the leopard isn't very visible is it > <
then, he wanted some more so i had to change them a bit xD we put another 'sport' theme and 2 'pirate' theme

sorry for such blurry photo, we were hurrying! haha

also i changed my mani for one day xD because i bought this nail polish from mode, called 'arsonist', i couldn't resist!

it changes under different light a bit..also under natural light it becomes a very deep red with is hard to see but on thumb and ring finger, i drew a few colour glitter lines, which are visible in natural light..and the YSL gold plating..but, the plating fell off in my sleep xD
i feel i havent posted in so long! but i have been busy..i paint my nails, and go to the beach very often haha. because there is a beach near us, and we have a boat, so while it is hot weather and not so busy, we go as much as we can ^^ today, we saw many many...SEA HORSE!!
we quickly took a photo and let him go ^^ we also saw starfish and many dolphins near us~
ok i will post again soon actually i have some ideas i want to share /wink/~

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  1. you got a nice god-brother that allows nail polish on his finger,why dont paint all 10 finger nails for him? hehe...
    Oh and the seahorse is so tiny and cute~~~^^