Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i will soon be doing a contest..i want to change my blog name (is that even possible? =/) and give away some stuff!! it is hard finding a prize..i have narrowed it down a bit, i want to include things it may be hard to get..but anyway, just a heads up, because i am so excited about this!! i even got angry when i couldn't find a specific polish i wanted to give haha ^u^

on another note, i got accepted into my fashion design course!! YAY!! i am in for my first year heehee

okay a bit random post isn't this..

ugh i can't not include photos. so, here are a few scans from japanese nail magazine, click for full. they are tutorials, this is how i got into nailart first ^^

do not own these images, they are not mine! downloaded from jmagazinescans livejournal comm.


  1. Congratulations for getting accepted into the fashion design course! Yay!

    Thanks for these mag scans. The nail art is so pretty. I like the step-by-step guide provided. :)

  2. thank you ^^ thay are very helpful aren't they~

  3. Wow those nails are out of this world! Really pretty, but I coulnd't ever wear them!