Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After such a long time...

I did my nails again

Actually I did them about a week ago. But My friend put on a gel top coat that was so came off the next day =(

But I realised I still haven't tried jump rings!

I did this design a few days ago...

I liked it so much =u= so I decided to do it on my own nails...


They are shorter!! So, I had to change the design a little bit and not use studs..

Also I hate VNL, so I put a beige base with sheer pink over the top. I have 2 nails painted pink, though. Because I can.

Can you see the basecoat I used to stick on the rhinestones? It has a visible line on the feature nails =(

Anyway, I hope these last a long time!! At least until my next nail class..