Monday, January 4, 2010

pink make

today for the first time i used my pink eyemake..oooh it felt odd and so girly =P i am still getting better at applying the gel liner..i wore this with my new bag to a test i took for bonus qualification to get into my fashion design course..aah i was nervous!!

it looks a lot less sparkle in normal light, this was done with a flash~ need to practice make application a lot TT
and the at first sight! although i promise to not spend so much...but...this was 38$AU in second hand shop! i had to give it a new home...=3 it is originally rectangle shape, but the corners can be zipped up like i did in the photo <3



  1. I love pink shadow with dark eyes! Your liner looks great. I understand why you needed the bag, very nice.

  2. Your eye shadow is well blended and the liner is so straight and neat! @v@ and Rachel likes the dark colors in the bag, it's so nice.. :)

  3. thanks guys! i was worried the liner is a bit crooked...and i'm glad i am not the only one likes the bag ^u^

  4. In my opinion, you did a great job with the eyeliner! Your eyes look so gorgeous with this sweet pink makeup.

    Oh, the bag.....very chic! Love it! :D

  5. So simple and girly
    I loved this look