Saturday, November 26, 2011

I haven't posted in a long time...

It's nearing end of the year, I just finished nails but fashion design is going craaazy, and we still have more assignments to get with 2 weeks to go TT at least I won't be in class all week~

Anyway, I'm REALLY proud of my assessment nails..the girl said she gets lots of comments and I've had people ask me to do their nails too, but I don't have a gel set at home TT UGH

She's since had them shortened and I'm surprised they still look awesome!

Isn't she beautiful? =u= heee~

This is the art that I had myself the last few days, first time in a while. Since I had computer work to do I did my nails at the same time kekeke

They were based on this art from Nail!Up 1111:

I just took it all off and soaked my cuticles with Nurture Oil. LOVE this stuff, and it smells delicious

So short =__=

I wonder how I'll paint my nails next...

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