Thursday, June 9, 2011

NailArt Samples

When I get asked to decorate people's nails, my mind always goes blank =__= so, I did a few samples to take with me to class. These are my favourite 5 =)

Patchwork with roses. Wasn't sure to go with the dots or the stripes...

Military! It's a fashion trend right now, so I thought this might encourage people to give khaki polish another look...

I don't have the money to invest in airbrushing, but I tried spongeing a leopard print...not sure...if like or not...

I saw this random rhinestone idea in one of my mags...I even painted those stupid bullions bronze, but, it's hard to tell TT

I know, it's OTT, but it looked so pretty when I saw it on paper ;__; The rhinestones are very cheap, that's why they look weird like that /sigh.

Also there was a question where I get my studs from:

They're awesome, truly.

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