Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today, I went into the city twice, to my school...both times, it turned out that I didn't even need to be there for longer than 15min.


Anyway, before my night class, I finally got around to trying out my INGLOT crackle.

I've been lurking round F Yeah nail art lately and seen a lot of the crackle x rainbow, eg:

This wasn't my best work by far, it only took me a half hour keke but I guess it came out alright for a first try =)

Why..does it look so stupid? Please click for the full image, this thumbnail looks distorted =/

And...close up...=u=

Haha the lines are so chunky because I used a dotting tool!! I couldn't even be bothered getting the fine brush out >>>la~zy~<<

mm. ('u ')a that's all~

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