Friday, March 4, 2011


I've fallen a tad in love with spotty manicures...

And, a cheeeap cheap glitter polish I have, that's all thick and gooey and looks like gel =u=
^on the night that I finished my nails, I thought they had enough time to dry before bed so I didn't bother putting quick dry oil on them. BAD IDEA.
Now, 3 days later. The damage is worse on my right hand, but you can see some scrunching where the polish moved a bit during the night. It's also strated to wear at the tips and you can see chips and cracks, but I'm determined to keep this manicure 2 more days.
We usually have left over time in Beauty class, so if I do nice nail art on my partner I'll take a photo of that, too. Never miss an opportunity to show off =u= kekeke


  1. How cute it is ^-^! Too bad it damaged a bit :(, but it still looks good on the photos!

  2. aaw, thanks ^^ yea, i wish it was perfect TT haha