Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elegant Lady Nails

For today's manicure I've ripped off the March issue of Nail UP! which I just downloaded a couple of days ago.

Added some of my new gold and black goodies which I haven't tried on myself yet and got this:
The red is also a new colour, Knickers In A Knot by australis, which can't decide if it's red or pink. When I first saw that it wasn't what I thought it was a got a bit dejected but I've grown to love it in my few days of ownership.

Messy fingers because I took these photos as soon as I finished. I just know something bad will happen to these because they look too good to last haha


  1. Very nice job!!

    Where did you get the studs from? MUST HAVE!!

  2. Just the first photo wants to load on my computer :(. But I really like those! So pretty!

  3. @Delaynee I'm very very happy to recommend these guys it took me a few months to find these studs on here, I was so happy when they were this cheap!!

    @Domenique I hate when that happens > < sorry bout that =(