Thursday, March 31, 2011

Contrary to the weather...

It's been so cold lately. Even though it should be a nice warm I chose this pedicure to base my nails on this week

I wanted to use some gold flakes anyway. IRL my polish is not as blue, I don't know what the dang camera did to it =__=

Anyway, the other hand is completely the same. I wasn't in the mood to be creative =/

Also, if anyone wants to have a look at where I get my ideas (and lessons) from, I scanned April's edition of NailMAX. I left out ads so it's all pretty much nails nails nails.

Koda Kumi on the cover, just learned yesterday that she worked with Far East Movement. Lucky girl ;__;


  1. Your nails look amazing~ Love the use of the gold flakes!!

    And I am working on dl'ing the magazine - thankies for posting it!!

  2. thanks 8D
    aah, i hope you find some good ideas there -- or at least enjoy looking through it ^^

  3. Well I think you did pretty well, they look a lot the the same as on the picture :). Very cute!
    Wow those nails on the front page of nail max are so cool!