Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So I did mumsie's nails a few days ago..

I should have put another coat of the beige TT ohwell, she's happy with it anyway. She said she's gotten compliments from strangers so that makes me happy =u=
And I just finished my own nails too~something simple for a change
and my toes, which I don't usually put effort into because they're wierd and I hate them =/

Halfway through doing my nails I got dragged out to shopping and my footses got dirty from all the rain!! It's meant to be summer, why is it raining /whinge/
I've fallen in love with the pinkbeige from TonyMoly...

It's very sheer, the above is 2 thick coats. Generally I would find this annoying but it's just such a beautiful shade, I think I'll have to buy another bottle or 2, I don't know how long these will be available here =/
I think I will do a UK theme nailart next time, I found a great blue glitter on sale today kekeke =u=;

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