Thursday, January 27, 2011

New nails x2
I'm very impatient and I always want a new design ORZ

Mum liked the roses when I was trying them out so she demanded I give them to her. Yes, DEMANDED. I'm not a fan of VNL but mum didn't mind =/ I also put some pink gold on there, can't just have a nail full of tiny roses...

I had to test out this..ashy...something colour. It has some violet and brown tones in it..taupe, maybe? I also challenged my left hand (again). The roses turned out fine because they really don't need to be neat at all but those dang metallic curves...

Ugh. Although. I'm loving the nail full of bling. I have never in my life dared to use a rhinestone/pearl of that size, but it's so...CUTE ;__;


Me, alone, at the back of our boat. It's amazing how quickly the weather changes from unbearably hot to very windy TT so we didn't end up staying for long. Oh well, next time =)


1 comment:

  1. The tiny roses are lovely! And I am really liking the use of the large pearl - almost makes me want to use mine as well (: