Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Wow it's been a while since I've been on here. Almost a year, in fact. Why am I never able to stick to these things TT
But howdy hey, maybe someone will read this. And, if that is YOU, maybe you can help out this poor lil child...

My NYE nails..
As You Can See!!! I have a nail covered in rhinestones. Completely bloody covered. Does anyone have a nice, gentle method of getting these babies off?
I managed to rip some of them off, then I soaked my nail in Acetone remover to at least soften the nail laquer under them...but I still had to rub away at the nail and rip some more off. So now of course I have some slight ridges in my nails..

On a similar note..
My Christmas Eve nails
I used up about 15 cosmetic pads getting this glitterfest off my nails 8D I was competing with the Tinsel in the sparkle-stakes, but I think I won..
So, any hints for stubborn rhinestones? Or, heck, even glitter?

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