Friday, December 25, 2009

summer strawberries~

Aaah, i am back again...have to put this down somewhere so i don't forget, i quite like this...i love gradation so much now haha!! ^^ in this photo it isnt so much visible but there are small strawberry blossoms and leaves on the nail tips also =3
so i prepared my nails, used strengthen base (does this really work? my nails are still so weak TT) and prepared stick on nail decal...actually i can't remember where i got this from, if anyone comes across this and recognise it please let me know, this is the first time i tried the technique and it works so well!!
on a plastic sheet, i used a sandwich bag, paint out the decal in nail polish. i painted leaves, strawberry blossoms, and strawberries. its hard to see here but there are small face on the strawberry hihi~

actually i used 2 different brand of white and i didnt like either...i need to buy new white haha...
paint on a messy yellow tip, when it is not completely dry i used clear polish which slightly dissolves the polish it goes on...the gradation is very messy and streaky, i was worried at first but actually this is covered up by the silver glitter ^^

so streaky OTL

when the polish dried i carefully (VERY CAREFULLY) took off the decal and put them on pot lid to easily take it off...other wise it will be stuck the the plastic sheet and the silver nail polish is smudged haha...

paint on silver glitter, i did this one nail at a time because it was my first time. while the silver was still wet i stuck on the strawverry blossoms and leaves. on the thumb i added 2 strawberried.
when everything was dry i placed a dollop of glitter polish on one finger and pushed a blue gem into it, if the polish is pushed up a bit and surrounds the gem i think it is harder for the gem to fall off.
i also placed dollops of clear polish onto the blossoms and put groups of 3 yellow bullion in the centre.
if i had a top coat, now would be the time to use it...
next time i do this, i must remember to maybe use a darker yellow, or 2 coats of yellow instead of 1. mabe cheery/cherry blossoms will also look good on this base? ^^


  1. These decals are so cute! I didn't know you could make them on plastic and then transfer them to your nail! How do you do it? With tweezers?

  2. This is ridiculously adorable!!

    I have to try that method of making little decals - thankies for the reminder!!