Monday, January 31, 2011

CNY nails : purple&gold

I literally finished my nails 5 minutes ago.
CNY is another occassion for special designed nails, but I didn't want to do the red&black/rabbits/chinese character themes. I saw the purple&gold colour scheme in a recent Nail UP! magazine:

Funnily enough there isn't much red&black in there. But anyway, this is the outcome:

I'm not 100% happy with this but I can live with it. I took photos during the process for a tutorial but I don't think anyone would use it, it's a basic spongey method; however if anyone feels like a looksee just comment and i'll post it up.
I have to say I like the feature nails...looks a bit like a gold version of shatter polish. Thoughts?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Come One, Come All!!

I've been dying to do a contest or a giveaway! And, as I've come into possession of some yellow and pink (imitation) gold leaf flakes, I thought now might be a great time; READ ON, GOOD PEOPLE!

LtoR -- TonyMoly PinkBeige; Rokk96 I'llBeFrank; Rokk96 Paparazzi; Container of yellow & pink gold leaf flakes; foundation sponge (& cuticle sticks, to break apart the gold flakes into smaller pieces)
I know, it's not much (also, I cannot take good photos =/), but, gimme a break, I am an unemployed student. At least know that I spent a good amount of time picking out the colours.
Now, I've tried to show the colours well.

Close-up of the gold flakes. It doesn't look like much, but this is my prettiest container, and it does actually go quite a long way, for me at least.

TONY MOLY -- PinkBeige

My Baby, My Love, My SweetiePie, My favourite nudy polish! This is pretty much the colour, maybe a hint warmer in the bottle, but it does end up like this on the nail. Korean Brand.

rokk96 -- Paparazzi
Lady Gaga, anyone? This is a delicious, delicious creme. I opened the bottle to check it out on fakies, it should be opaque in 2 coats. I'm seriously considering getting this one for myself. Australian brand.

rokk96 -- I'll Be Frank

And you be Suzy!!
Or not.
I am constantly amazed by how many bottles I buy, thinking it's a dark, dreamy brown, only for it to turn out purple. A dark, dreamy purple, BUT STILL!! This is one of those. I bought it thinking a brown is very suitable for gold, but it turned into what must be the most beautiful wine purple I've ever come across.

Paparazzi on the left, I'llBeFrank on the right
Click for full photo (DO IT.)
That's about the closest I can get in a photo. Suddenly theres a whole lot more red shimmer than gold shimmer and it's this really dark, decadent kinda purple. Just know that you NEED this.
Trust me, you do.
So, RULES, I guess..
#1 You gotta follow my blog. You knew that was coming. That's like a basic.
#2 Comment here with your email address.
Extra #1 Link in your comment to your favourite GOLD manicure (your own). See what I did thar?
Extra #2 Spread the word (the bird is the word!) on your blog/twitter/whatever. Link in your comment.

Because I like odd numbers.
Seriously people, please enter. Please? I'm a nice person, I swear.
New nails x2
I'm very impatient and I always want a new design ORZ

Mum liked the roses when I was trying them out so she demanded I give them to her. Yes, DEMANDED. I'm not a fan of VNL but mum didn't mind =/ I also put some pink gold on there, can't just have a nail full of tiny roses...

I had to test out this..ashy...something colour. It has some violet and brown tones in it..taupe, maybe? I also challenged my left hand (again). The roses turned out fine because they really don't need to be neat at all but those dang metallic curves...

Ugh. Although. I'm loving the nail full of bling. I have never in my life dared to use a rhinestone/pearl of that size, but it's so...CUTE ;__;


Me, alone, at the back of our boat. It's amazing how quickly the weather changes from unbearably hot to very windy TT so we didn't end up staying for long. Oh well, next time =)


Friday, January 21, 2011

I painted the UK nailart a few days ago..

..and I used a matte topcoat for the first time. A late-comer, I know, but I loved the effect of it on the glitter and the nudy colour. It looks almost pearlescent..if that's even a word
The union jack took me about 20 minutes to paint TT but I think it's worth it haha'

The gold is actually goldleaf flakes...I bought a box of them, and am so in love. I will do a giveaway with it, but I feel that I should include more nailpolish than just 1 bottle =/ ugh, dilemma.

til next time darlings~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So I did mumsie's nails a few days ago..

I should have put another coat of the beige TT ohwell, she's happy with it anyway. She said she's gotten compliments from strangers so that makes me happy =u=
And I just finished my own nails too~something simple for a change
and my toes, which I don't usually put effort into because they're wierd and I hate them =/

Halfway through doing my nails I got dragged out to shopping and my footses got dirty from all the rain!! It's meant to be summer, why is it raining /whinge/
I've fallen in love with the pinkbeige from TonyMoly...

It's very sheer, the above is 2 thick coats. Generally I would find this annoying but it's just such a beautiful shade, I think I'll have to buy another bottle or 2, I don't know how long these will be available here =/
I think I will do a UK theme nailart next time, I found a great blue glitter on sale today kekeke =u=;

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This is the first nail design i have had to leave overnight..

I painted it first, then added the stones this morning. I wasn't going to let sleep ruin my dang design, especially after I spent so long on it =__=
I also painted my godbrother's nails yesterday =u= huhuhu. I think he should take it off before church though..that awkward..=/

I'll probably post next when I do my mum's nails. She likes what I've done this time around for myself so I'll tame it down and do something similar for her I guess =)
But GEEZ I wish I was ambidextrous, doing details with my left hand is tragic TT

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Wow it's been a while since I've been on here. Almost a year, in fact. Why am I never able to stick to these things TT
But howdy hey, maybe someone will read this. And, if that is YOU, maybe you can help out this poor lil child...

My NYE nails..
As You Can See!!! I have a nail covered in rhinestones. Completely bloody covered. Does anyone have a nice, gentle method of getting these babies off?
I managed to rip some of them off, then I soaked my nail in Acetone remover to at least soften the nail laquer under them...but I still had to rub away at the nail and rip some more off. So now of course I have some slight ridges in my nails..

On a similar note..
My Christmas Eve nails
I used up about 15 cosmetic pads getting this glitterfest off my nails 8D I was competing with the Tinsel in the sparkle-stakes, but I think I won..
So, any hints for stubborn rhinestones? Or, heck, even glitter?